Master thesis

General thesis information

Thesis work is an integrated part of the Oceans and Lakes Master Programme which is credited for 30 ECTS. Thesis guidelines can be downloaded through this link: click here.  

Thesis templates

  • Template for frontpage of the thesis: click here.
  • Logo of Oceans and Lakes to be used on the thesis: click here.

Thesis topics days

Each year the three different universities organize the Thesis Topics Days. During these days, the students are invited to each university and different researchers give an explanation about their particular research and expertise. Possible thesis topics are suggested, although own initiaves are also supported when fitting in the programme's research frameworks.

Master thesis previous years:

Abstract Books:
An abstract book is a compilation of all abstracts of the Master Thesis of the students. You can find them by year:

Master Thesis 2012
Master Thesis 2013
Master Thesis 2014
Master Thesis 2015
Master Thesis 2016
Master Thesis 2017   
Master Thesis 2018
Master Thesis 2019













          (By Laura Agusto, Oceans and Lakes alumna)