Master of Science in Marine and Lacustrine Science and Management
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The application procedure consists of several steps:

Step 1: Apply online

The online application consists out of a number of steps (click here for a preview).
You will be asked to fill out your
  1. personal details (preview and tips)
  2. privacy preference
  3. prior education (secondary and higher)
  4. social services
  5. intake survey
  6. program request (preview and tips)
  7. documents
  8. finish your application (preview) by clicking the green button !before deadline
If you have any questions: check the manual, the VUB SOS application webpage, contact the Admission Office via Admission Office, or contact the O&L offices via Oceans & Lakes offices.
After you have applied online (clicked the 'finish button') you can follow up on your file via your Student Self Service with the login you created via the application tool. The application tool is only for submitting a (new) application, follow up is possible via your Student Self Service.
All visa required students who apply after April 1st (and before June 1st, as this is the deadline) will be charged an application fee of 100€. This fee can only be paid via bank transfer. Creditcards or other forms of payment are not accepted. Please note that all costs related to this transfer are the applicants resposibility. After the payment has been received your file will be screened by our offices. This fee is in no way refundable. Only students who obtained a scholarship via our International Relations and Mobility office (IRMO) will receive an application fee waiver via IRMO. Scholarship students must upload this waiver in order to be exempted from the fee. If you wish to avoid the cost of an application fee, we advise you to apply before April 1st.
Step 2: Check if file is complete
The Admission Office will check wether your file has all required documents. Make sure your file is complete. Should you encounter issues via the application website to upload your document you should e-mail your documents without delay to and mention your username (V_...).
If your file is incomplete it will be rejected.


Step 3: Academic screening by faculty

If approved by the Admission Office, your file will be sent to the faculty. The faculty’s Selection Committee will screen your application and decide on its continuation.
You will be notified of this result by e-mail.


Step 4: Formal screening

If your application passes the faculty’s screening, you may be asked to send in hard copies. If this is the case, the Admission Office will send out an e-mail requesting those hard copies.
Please do not send us hard copies without our specific request.


Step 5: Result

If you are accepted, you will receive a (conditional) Letter of Acceptance by e-mail and (regular) post.
You can use the soft copy to start your visa application (if applicable) but please note that the embassy will require the hard copy in order to issue a visa.
Please note the letter will be sent to the address you provided in the first page of the application website. Make sure your address details are correct to avoid delays.
Please note we only offer conditional letters of acceptance. The conditions can vary from having to follow a preparatory program to having to show your original degree upon time of enrollment. Applicants who wish to receive their letter via courier service can contact the admission office. Your letter will then be kept aside and you will be notified when it's ready. You can then order a pick up via courier service of your choice. All charges for this service are the applicants responsability.

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